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trying to make plans with my friends likeimage

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"Partner"??? or "Boyfriend"???

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It's whatever.... literally

I'm a 23 year old bachelors of Psychology, pursuing another degree in Social Work. I'm an all around big kid and a writer. Get at me.
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I am...creative, fun, clever, sarcastic, smart, occasionally ignorant and blissfully unaware. I am a person of strong resolve and weak personal bubble. I love to speak my mind, and listen with all my being. I absorb most everything, and feel that everything is information.

I know, I feel, I hear, I listen, I sense, I understand, not everything, and not all at the same time.

Writer by trade, and Counselor by nature. I am attentive, and intuitive, both a gift and curse. I can be right, and hate to be wrong. I am the teddy bear, that will hold our secrets, and the blanket that will protect from fear.

I want change for the better, and always look for places to plant that seed. Most importantly and the bitter-sweet truth...I am Human...don't hold against me...just go with it.